About Us

The vision for 1-800-Flatroof's success is sharing with local roofers the right to recieve all phone calls for their respected markets. Following the model of the founder’s success in area codes 516 & 631.

1-800-Flatroof started as the direct marketing phone number for Mannara Contracting, Inc. Prior to the mass adoption of the internet, Mannara Contracting got the word out the old fashion way. Big signs in key locations, mailers, flyers and word of mouth. Mannara Contracting branched out to the internet in 2003 and quickly found that the phone number had international potential as a direct marketing tool.

Fast forward to 2015 and the founder of 1-800-Flatroof makes the telephone number available for roofers in all markets of the United States. Mannara Contracting continues to provide roofing services on Long Island, NY and uses 1-800-Flatroof for all their direct marketing campaigns.

Bob Mannara, Owner & Founder

Bob bought 1-800-Flatroof in 1993 from the phone company. Mannara Contracting, Inc. has been using the phone number in its direct marketing campaigns ever since. Over 25 years later, Bob has become a very successful millionaire servicing Long Island, NY a suburb of New York City. Looking to the future with his direct marketing success he has decided to share the rights to use 1-800-Flatroof with other local roofers throughout the United States.


Joe Gaeta, President

Joe is Bob's nephew. He took to Bob's entrepreneurial spirit and followed in his footsteps. Owner of Mainstreet.Solutions , a web design company with a background in computer science and marketing. He has taken over all operations relating 1-800-Flatroof referrals for local roofers. His technology & marketing background make him the best fit to head this division.