For the first time ever, 1-800-Flatroof is being made available for lease in all area codes of the United States!

Online Registrations Are Open!

Call 1-800-352-8766 to sign up, call now. Or you can search our inventory of available area codes and make a purchase online through our store.

This opportunity will not last long. Every roofer in the United States has received an open invitation to exclusively lease this phone number in their local market.

  Why change your direct marketing telephone number?

1-800-Flatroof is significantly easier for people to remember than a numeric phone number, either local or toll-free. Studies show that 1-800-Flatroof has on average a 75% higher recall rate among consumers than a numeric toll-free number, and a 57% average higher recall rate than a web address[1]

For over 25 years, Mannara Contracting has used 1-800-Flatroof in their marketing strategies and advertising campaigns to convey a cohesive, credible image. As a direct-response tool 1-800-Flatroof gets higher consumer recall and better response rates from advertising campaigns (radio, television, print, outdoor, etc.).

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 The 1-800-Flatroof Advantage

If you're deciding whether to invest in a toll free vanity number,
consider these benefits

  1. Creates Instant Credibility - 1-800-Flatroof has proven to be a real advantage in online marketing where customers have to gather lots of clues to assess credibility. Just look at all the companies we are already doing business with.

  2. Stronger Market Presence - Marketing your company as 1-800-Flatoof will help your company appear larger and more established, and creates an image of a brick and mortar business.

  3. Boost Your Brand - Just like a good domain name, 1-800-Flatroof creates instant prestige.

  4. Customer Recognition - Leasing 1-800-Flatroof is one of the best things you can do to increase customer referral marketing as well as repeat customers. 1-800-Flatroof makes it easier for customers to remember how to reach you for repeat orders and makes word of mouth advertising up to 75% more effective.

  5. Creates a Sense of Ease with Customers - Consumers trust companies that are more accessible. They feel more comfortable knowing they can pick up the phone and talk to someone easily. 1-800-Flatroof creates a much stronger image in the mind of your potential customer.

  6. Owner Profitability - Stronger public recognition increases your company's net worth. 1-800-Flatroof is a valuable negotiating tool during acquisitions.

  7. Maximize Advertising ROI - 1-800-Flatroof provides additional channels to reach more customers and close more sales.